"I love what I do! The Passion and inspiration for creating new and interesting dishes comes from being able to explore creativity through the art of cooking. My cuisine reflects traditional and new family recipes with Great Flavors and exciting twists." 

         ~ Chef Scottie A. Johnson

How does a Personal Chef work?
After you contact me, we will set up an in-home consultation. We will discuss your food likes and dislikes, then set a cook date. Next I'll arrive at your home with all food items. Depending on menu, cooking and clean up will take between 4 and 6 hours. I will cook all foods to your preferred order. 

What will my service cost?
Price will vary depending on the meal you would like. The purchasing of the food is an additional cost.

my history

I was born and raised in Chapel Hill, NC. Upon graduating High School, I went to college and obtained an Associate Degree in Mechanical Drafting & Design. Afterwards I entered the US Army as a 13B cannon crewmember in Field Artillery and retired with the rank of First Sergeant after 24 great years of service. Because of my love of cooking, I went to Culinary Arts School to expand my knowledge of the food industry and learn the art of preparing, cooking and presenting wonderful meals. Since then I have enjoyed creating new dishes and putting twists on traditional dishes. I love cooking with a passion and I've been blessed by God with this gift of cooking and being able to have others to experience. " A Chef Must think like a SCIENTIST, Organize like an ACCOUNTANT, Inspire & Motivate like a WARRIOR, Move like a TRACKSTAR, Plate like an ARTIST, And cook like a GRANDMA!" I believe you must have a VISION in life because without one, you will never move forward! 

Blessed & Highly

Flavored Cuisine, LLC

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