"My husband and I had a superb couples dinner tonight prepared by Chef Scottie. We indulged in amazing cuisines that were presented perfectly. He, and his wife Lowanda made sure we were satisfied from start to finish. Thank you for blessing us with your wonderful gift and talent"

Kenya Burkett-Hamilton

"The food and service was awesome. The food the chef prepare taste great."

Erica Vinson

"Perfection is an understatement!! Amazing cuisine!!!"

‚ÄčAndrea Felton

My goodness your posts always make me hungry and I'm normally having cereal for dinner. I hope your wife is one of those people that can eat anything and not gain a pound....if not Lord help her with all that good food."
Debbie Alexander

"Would like to Thank Scottie A.Johnson  and  Lowanda Matthews Johnson for having us over.. The food was AWESOME.. If you looking for a personal chef, look into Blessed and Highly Flavored Cuisine, it's soooo worth a try.. He will not let you down... We had an amazing time...  We love you guys!!!!"
Leslie Hamm

"Your meals look too pretty to eatūüėčūüėč"
Denise Gaines

"Thank you Scottie A. Johnson for always providing an exceptional experience for my family!!!"
Grace Cole Woods

"Anyone seeking perfection for a personal dinner or buffet style event Scottie A. Johnson should be your only option!!! Blessed and Highly Flavored Cuisine"
Grace Cole Woods

"Thanks for another great dinner Chef Johnson!"
Rob Warnock

"THANK YOU Chef Scottie for an amazing evening - best meal we've had in yearsl!! First class operation, and highly recommended."
David Critten

"You have got to experience this wonderful chefs meals. The food was exceptional, from preparation to presentation, very pleasing, I especially enjoyed my stuffed lobster & his own special orange
vinaigrette salad dressing. Call this dynamic team and indulge
in a great meal you won't regret it! You will be blessed!"
Beatrice Jackson

"Your recipes never cease to amaze me!!!" 
Michelle Webb Parks

Absolutely Fabulous! My wife surprised me with the very special treat of food prepared by Chef Scottie for our anniversary. The Chef and his wife Lowanda made the evening one I'll always rave about. My ribeye was cooked to the perfect temperature, the homemade salad dressing was delicious, the lobster tail stuffed with crabmeat was better then I've been served in four star restaurants, and my taste buds are still longing for more of that off the charts BANNANA PUDDING!! The food and intimate service was professionally done from start to finish! We are so looking forward to the next time we get the chance to try more of his dishes!! Thank you Blessed and Highly Flavored!!!
Maurice Randolph

"The best chef in the Middle Georgia area"

‚ÄčTarell Register

Blessed & Highly

Flavored Cuisine, LLC


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"I don't know where to begin.  Uhmmm, how about the scrumptious Mac and cheese that I may try at the house.  How about the theme that was fitting for our family.  And when I finally tried that gumbo, ooooooo Jesus!  I am still full while I'm reaching for my second helping of nana (banana) pudding. Oooooo Jesus!!"
Joyce Hawkins Woods

ll of the food and service from Chef Johnson was excellent.  My family enjoyed every bit of it and can't wait for the next opportunity to use him again. I highly recommend him for your personal chef services."
Brian Woods

"Looking for a Private Chef??...He is one of the best in Middle Georgia.  Private Dinners in the comfort of your home. Birthday Dinner, Anniversary, Just Because for your boo....Check him out!! Ironically his roots are NC and a North Carolina Central University Eagle!! Scottie A. Johnson, Chef!! #Delicious #PersonalChef #TastyTimeSavingBenefits :-)"   ~Donnita Donnette Bellamy

"Attended a wonderful weekend with this amazing chef.  After 20+ years in the military, he started a second career.  In such a short time, he has proven himself as a creative, innovative chef.  Mr. Johnson did a cooking demonstration as well as providing us with a 4 course meal that was simply amazing, beautiful and delicious.  His presentation was funny and off the cuff and quite enjoyable.  I highly recommend this personal chef to anyone who wants a first class meal."
Debora Ann Johnson

"Great job , last night Chef!!
You are awesome!
Spread Love, the way you and that wonder-filled
Wife of yours do!
Much Love
Chef ‚ÄĒ with Scottie A. Johnson."
Chef Curtis Aikens

"Congrats to Scottie A. Johnson for an amazing event.  I highly recommend him for your romantic dinner or your major event.  5 star/excellence!!!"
Pastor Mack McCullough

Becky Blair

"The Best Chef and the food was absolutely amazing"

Jennifer Hicks


"Fine dining at its best, in the comfort of 

your own home!!! Simply amazing!!!"

‚ÄčApril Minger